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KENTEL PBX 416 Plus: DIY Telephone System

The PBX 416 Plus DIY system


The Kentel PBX416 is a great value for money, easy install, entry level small business telephone system. Perfect for the small or medium sized business looking for a telephone system with all the features they want, without having to pay a premium for unwanted feature sets and expensive installation. System Features Explained For a review on how easy this system is to install Click here


The handsets recommended for use with the DIY system are the DX800+, prices start from £36 plus vat.

The DX800+ handset


This PBX 416+ telephone system configured for 4 lines and 16 extensions is available at only £149 plus carriage plus vat. To order call us now on 01225 835799 or alternatively order online using our secure paypal payment button. Please note that this price does not include any handsets or extra connection leads - see above for handset details.

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This is a DIY plug and play system, and comes with all the required adaptors you need to get yourself started.

PBX Main Features

Exchange Lines and Extensions terminate on RJ11 sockets, for an easy DIY installation we recommend using our Kentel Easy Install Adaptors.

System Features Explained

Auto Attendant
The User can record an outgoing message (OGM) instructing callers to Dial 1 for Sales, 3 for Accounts, and so on. In Auto Attendant mode, Extensions will not ring on incoming calls, the PBX will automatically answer the call. This feature is being increasingly used in a Residential/Business environment diverting calls to the Business or Home extensions.

Caller Display Compatible
Providing the lines have been set for Caller Display by BT, and the Extensions have a Caller Display feature the telephone numbers of all incoming callers will be displayed on all Extensions. If you recognise the calling number you can greet your caller before they announce themselves.

Direct Dial
Most PBXs require you to Dial 9 to get a line, this system can be programmed for Direct Dial. The User is then automatically given the next available line when they want to make a call without having to dial 9 in front of the number.

Call Barring
The PBXs have very flexible Call Barring options which can apply to all or specific extensions. For example you may want to Bar calls to Mobiles or Premium numbers, 118 or 123. Call types can be programmed into 9 different groups. Any of these groups can be assigned to All or specific Extensions.

Music on Hold
If a Music on Hold port is fitted users can connect CD players, MP3 players or Radios. When calls are on Hold and being transferred the incoming callers hear the music or a company message or special offering anouncement.

Call Forwarding
A manager can forward all calls to the Secretary. Only the Secretaries extension can call and forward calls to the manager. An Extension can be set to automatically transfer calls to another Extension when they are engaed on a call.

Conference Calls
This feature enables 2 Extensions to have a 3 way conference call with a calling or called party on the outside line.

Flexible Ringing assignment
Each line can be programmed to ring specific extensions. eg, Line 1 might ring 21 - 24, Line 2 to ring 25 - 27 and Line 3 which might be the Fax line can ring 26.


Purchase Options (includes VAT)